Swace Hybrid Introducing the Swace Hybrid Starting From £29,999.00


Meet the Suzuki SWACE - a stylish and versatile Estate Car with an athletic design, smooth and stable riding comfort, and advanced hybrid performance.

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Designed with a low centre of gravity, the Swace stands out with its wide stance and powerful rearward-flowing body lines, matched to a sporty front face with sharp bi-beam LED headlamps and large honeycomb-patterned grille.

Crafted with comfort and practicality in mind, the interior offers a feeling of open and comfortable spaciousness, and generous luggage capacity to suit a variety of lifestyles and recreational needs.

Delivering optimal power distribution between the engine and motor according to driving conditions, the sophisticated hybrid system provides exhilarating direct-response acceleration while maintaining low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


The Swace’s hybrid system combines a powerful electric motor with a 1.8 litre petrol engine exclusively designed for hybrid system use, delivering a seamless driving feeling with powerful acceleration as well as excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The hybrid system optimally drives the Swace with the motor, engine or both depending on driving conditions.


The Swace offers smooth driving comfort and stable, responsive handling with a low centre of gravity design and finely tuned suspension. The low hood and placement of the hybrid battery beneath the rear seats help give the car its low center of gravity, reducing body roll around corners, improving stability and contributing to a smooth and easy ride.

EV Drive Mode

Leveraging its high output motor and large battery capacity, the Swace is equipped with an EV drive mode function. In EV drive mode, the vehicle is driven solely by its motor with power supplied from the battery. This mode can be used for driving short distances without having to worry about noise or emissions.

Luggage Space

The large 596-litre luggage compartment provides ample room for a variety of luggage or recreational items. For added versatility, the rear carpeted floorboard can be placed in a lower position to store taller objects, and is also reversible with a resin backside that can be used for stowing wet or dirty items. The compartment can be easily expanded into a fully flat space by using the remote folding lever to fold down the second-row seats.

    Suzuki Swace Full Hybrid Motion Key Features:

    - Large and Flexible Boot Space
    - Smartphone Connectivity (wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto)
    - Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel
    - Dual-Zone Climate Control
    Suzuki Swace Full Hybrid Ultra Key Features:

    - Smart Door Lock System
    - Front and Rear Parking Sensors
    - Safe Exist Assist
    - Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    Suzuki Swace Exterior The Suzuki Swace is the perfect combination of sporty styling and elegant simplicity, with all the comfort you need and the quality you might not expect.
    High Quality Design Practically Beautiful The beautifully-designed flowing body lines and sculptured tailgate, which is constructed using lightweight material, not only adds to the dynamic exterior design, but also enhances fuel efficiency.
    Style and Function Integrated Roof Rails Integrated roof rails neatly top off the distinctive shape of the Swace, and are perfect for simply mounting the optional multi roof rack*, helping you to carry all your gear for that weekend escape. *Multi roof rack available as a dealer fitted accessory option.
    Sporty Sophistication It's All In The Detail A large honeycomb-patterned grille, prominent low front bumper and sharp LED headlamps, give Swace a true athletic appearance and we've not even started on the interior.
    Self-Charging Hybrid High Efficiency, Low Emissions Low fuel costs and low emissions, with no need to find charging stations or plug in whilst you’re at home - the electric motor charges itself as you drive.
    Suzuki Swace Interior The Swace's interior has been crafted with premium materials, and a keen eye, for a truly elegant experience.
    Room to Manouver Impressive Luggage Capacity A large extendable luggage area transforms thanks to a remote lever in the boot. Go from an ample 596 litre compartment to a generous 1,606 litres maximum capacity with the rear seats folded down, making for a fully flat floor which means you’ll never run out of space.
    Better Connected High Tech Features The central multimedia touch screen display makes it easy to search through menus, personalise your setting and preferences, and link your phone to your car in a few taps. Use Wireless Apple CarPlay® or wired Android Auto™ to stay connected with carefully chosen apps on the go, including certain digital navigation apps.
    Premium Interior Spaciousness and Comfort Enjoy the feel of the supportive seats built to keep you comfortable throughout your journey. Plus, the soft padding and understated chrome detailing throughout the entire cabin conveys luxury quality and meticulous attention to detail.
    Luxury and Practical Advanced Climate Control Enjoy total control of the cabin temperature with dual-zone automatic air conditioning, which even comes with S-FLOW to automatically detect where passengers are and adjust airflow so everyone is happy. Another nice touch you’ll appreciate, well your hands and back will, is the heated steering wheel and front seats.